c/o Commonwealth Circus Center
8 Brookley Rd
Jamaica Plain, MA 02130 U.S.A.

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Ilana Cedarbaum

When Ilana was 2 years old, her parents called her “Tigger” because she wouldn’t stop jumping around, and they signed her up for gymnastics as an outlet for her boundless energy. 15 years later, “Tigger” spends most of her time standing on people’s heads! Ilana is excited to use her skills as a non-profit fundraising professional to help Circus Up spread the joy that she has seen circus bring to her own life. ​

Tania Diaz

Tania was named after a revolutionary and spy. Since she was young, she dreamed about being part of social revolution to bring better conditions to those in need. She graduated in International Relations and is serving part time at a Spanish-speaking Christian community in Dorchester. She and her family moved to Boston from Mexico City seven years ago and her son loves circus!

Christina Gagliano

You couldn't pay Christina to get on any aerials apparatus but her daughter Lucia, who is part of the Circus Up! community, loves being airborne. A graduate of Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism, Christina helps write grants for Circus Up! She is an avid reader who serves as Chairperson of the Melrose Public Library's Friends group and listens to heavy metal music when she works out.

Sophie Goodman

Sophie is a junior in high school. She started doing circus at a summer camp when she was 9 and it has been a part of her life ever since. She loves tightwire and anything aerial. Sophie started volunteering with Circus Up! in 2018. When she isn't circus-ing she loves painting and playing Ultimate Frisbee. 

Lacey Hochman

Lacey Hochman was supposedly a Siberian tiger and a piece of sea kelp in separate past lives. Today she has been reincarnated as a human person, social worker, and part time volunteer. She enjoys static trapeze tricks that look fancy but don't require much strength, flexibility or grace.

Meg Ito

Meg has been volunteering with Circus Up! since 2016. She is the Youth Programs Coordinator at Brooklyn Boulders, a rock climbing and fitness facility in Somerville, MA. Meg's circus skills include Lyra, clowning, and flying trapeze. Meg enjoys working with kids big and small, especially if it involves costumes!

Jacqueline Judith

As a kid, Jacqueline could often be found twirling about, climbing trees, or adventuring. After college, while looking for new and interesting ways to be active, she discovered the joys of circus and immediately found herself head over heels - and heels over head.  Jacqueline loves that circus is an amazing blend of creative problem solving, physical activity, and supportive community collaboration. Jacqueline is thrilled to be a part of the Circus Up! family. 

Thank You to everyone who keeps Circus Up airborne, including: