c/o Commonwealth Circus Center
8 Brookley Rd
Jamaica Plain, MA 02130 U.S.A.


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Vania Chan


Vania fell in love with acrobatics when she was 6 years old after she saw her cousin do a cartwheel and thought it was the coolest thing ever. Aside from indulging in play and self- taught lessons, her opportunity to study circus arts came much later in life in Massachusetts then later at SANCA's Professional Preparatory Program, where she specialized as an acrobatic flyer.


Vania loves to jump, clown, and sometimes contort. She continues to learn and train mostly in Massachusetts. In addition to circus, she has worked in sustainability and with immigrant communities. Her early roots make her passionate about equity. While circus takes the throne of her interests, pranks, food, showering, and getting lost and finding her way in new places follow closely behind as attendants fanning "queen circus."