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  • Health & Fitness: Circus arts training bolsters overall health by offering fun opportunities for cardiovascular exercise and strength training while also promoting good nutrition and a healthy body image.

  • Creativity: Youth learn to engage creatively with each other through new verbal and physical vocabulary, leading to innovative ways of thinking. This in turn leads to multiple avenues of understanding, interpreting, and participating with their communities.

  • Motivation & Competency: Carefully chosen goals, which are individualized and scaled, allow students to experience the thrill of success through increasingly difficult challenges.

  • Focus & Concentration: The fun of learning circus arts inspires adults and youth to develop and practice routines, building new skills and transforming tasks into challenges.

  • Communication: The collaborative nature of circus arts demands and fosters strong communication skills, which are essential to performance and safety.

  • Teamwork: Circus arts create an encouraging environment where everyone's success contributes to and is necessary to the group.


We are so grateful to our national and international colleagues and mentors for their previous and ongoing research into the benefits of arts education, and specifically into circus arts. Some recent research includes:

For more information, feel free to contact us or visit the American Circus Educators Research page here.