This fall, we partnered with C3 to now offer a new in-person school pod for Kirkos troupe members (students login to virtual classes from different area schools with support from wonderful Circus Up and C3 staff). We are grateful to receive delicious discounted meals from Juicygreens in JP. We welcome other circus loving youth into this program! (Contact Leah Abel at for more info).

To keep these programs going, we need your support! Thank you for considering a donation, large or small. Thank you for your generosity during these times and for being a part of our Circus Up community.

Here’s how you can help:

$20 – Juggles two balls

$50 – Juggles five balls

$100 – Flips a kid on the silks

$250 – Gets the whole Circus Up Troupe walking on their hands

$500 - Gets the whole Circus Up Troupe working on their next performance!

We are truly grateful for whatever you can give!


Inclusive, Accessible, and Joyful for All!

We host classes for over 850 students across Boston schools and neighborhoods.

We’re a Boston-based nonprofit that provides school, after-school, and community circus programs for youth.


What People Say

Circus Up is like an instruction to a new direction. It is a better way to express myself, face my fears, and tell my story. The circus training is like something that takes me towards the same destination, but with a different direction.

- Latoya, teen student


Photo's by Tess Scheflan and Sophia Herscu

Circus Up in Masks!

What's new at Circus Up? After months of training (following all necessary precautions) in 2020, we officially formed Kirkos, our new Community Troupe over the summer! From these photos, you can see that our youth circus artists' skills are growing every day! When we went remote in April, we made it work! Students did an excellent job maintaining focus and commitment while training online. And when we were able to reunite in August and train in person again for a while at Commonwealth Circus Center (C3), we were reminded of how much our students benefit physically and emotionally from working together. We're back online for now and sticking together. 

You guessed it... remote coaching for months plus implementing COVID19 safety measures in the gym have come at a cost. We’ve maxed out our funding for the remainder of 2020, which means it’s time to raise funds to keep making circus happen for our students. It’s a tough time for nonprofits everywhere to grow support for their programs through the end of the year, but as you can see, every dollar we raise goes directly to support Circus Up students’ health and well-being. Our students want to MOVE, PLAY, and LEARN together!

Community Classes

We are currently offering online classes for youth ages 8-18.

Community Troupe

We are a a team of youth circus artists who perform bold and uplifting shows for the purpose of celebrating what it looks like to courageously learn, play, and create together.

Festivals/ Workshops

Come see us perform at local events and try out some circus!

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Circus Up is a proud member of the American Youth Circus Organization (AYCO) and American Circus Educators (ACE), a proud partner of the Commonwealth Circus Center (C3) and a Cirque du Monde-recognized social circus organization


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