To keep these programs going, we need your support! Thank you for considering a donation, large or small. Thank you for your generosity during these times and for being a part of our Circus Up community.

Here’s how you can help:

$20 – Juggles two balls

$50 – Juggles five balls

$100 – Flips a kid on the silks

$250 – Gets the whole Circus Up Troupe walking on their hands

$500 - Gets the whole Circus Up Troupe working on their next performance!

We are truly grateful for whatever you can give!

We’re a Boston-based nonprofit that provides school, after-school, and community circus programs for youth.

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Inclusive, Accessible, and Joyful for All!

We host classes for over 850 students across Boston schools and neighborhoods.


What People Say

Circus Up is like an instruction to a new direction. It is a better way to express myself, face my fears, and tell my story. The circus training is like something that takes me towards the same destination, but with a different direction.

- Latoya, teen student


What's new at Circus Up?

Our community troupe, Kirkos, has been practicing and rehearsing for over a year now. They are so excited to be performing in many in-person shows during the summer of 2022. 

You can check them out in: 

  • the Wake Up the Earth Festival in JP!

  • the Roslindale Farmer's Market Opening Day!

  • the student showcase at the Commonwealth Circus Center! 

  • the Fenway Porchfest!

  • and two special performances free and open to the public on Nahant Beach in Nahant and Malibu Beach in Dorchester!


Kirkos is amazingly talented. Email us at to book Kirkos to perform at your community event!


Circus Up is also starting a new partnership with Our Sisters' School, running a week long circus camp. And we are sending our Kirkos members to summer camp at C3 for the ENTIRE summer. If you are able to donate to help send our kids to camp, click here!

Photo's by Tess Scheflan and Sophia Herscu

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Community Classes

We are currently offering online classes for youth ages 8-18.

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Community Troupe

We are a a team of youth circus artists who perform bold and uplifting shows for the purpose of celebrating what it looks like to courageously learn, play, and create together.

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Festivals/ Workshops

Come see us perform at local events and try out some circus!