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Community Classes

Programs for Schools and Community Centers:

Learn about our current programming with each of our community partners:

​We offer circus classes in collaboration with the following partners:

  • Brookview House is a nonprofit led by Black and Latinx women, located in Dorchester, that works for justice, equity, and systemic change for families and their children who have recently experienced housing instability.

  • Friends of the Children Boston is a mentorship program that intentionally serves youth facing the greatest obstacles by nurturing long-term relationships from a foundation of love, acceptance, and culturally-informed practice, committing to empowerment, celebrating achievement, and demanding equity.

  • Rafael Hernández School is a two-way bilingual K-8 school that is committed to working with parents/guardians and the community within a diverse and nurturing environment. 

  • Walden Street School is a trauma-informed, residential school for young women who are struggling with significant past trauma or organic mental illness utilizing an individual treatment approach. 

  • Boston Latin Academy is public exam school serving economically and culturally diverse students in grades 7-12. It strives to create an environment where students learn to listen, question, read, empathize, and make choices based on sound, and ethical principals. 

  • Boston Explorers, a program of Someone Else's Child Foundation, creates opportunities for urban youth to disconnect from technology, inspires civic engagement, and fosters a spirit of adventure, curiosity, and play. 

  • EduSports, a non-profit organization seeking to foster the mental, physical, and social development of youth and adults through sports. EduSports helps to build a stronger community by helping youth achieve their academic and athletic abilities.

  • Two-high time! This exciting class will be comprised of about 12 students (half of which will be Kirkos or Circus Up students and half of which will be C3 students)! The class will allow time to focus on individual interests and strengths but will also be focused on group work like partner acro and act building.

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